AskRecovery – 3/4/14 – Do you forget to trust?

Hello friends!

I sometimes forget to trust. I take my will and my way back and lose sight that the best is yet to come. That everything is going to be okay. In those moments I am living fear based. I am out of touch with reality and stuck in my head. Being stuck in my head can be a dangerous place. My disease lies there and can come in and distort my way of thinking, my consciousness, and lead me back into old thought patterns. It is a matter of breaking the thoughts down now. Trusting the process and trusting myself. I do this with the support and help of others. By being part of a community. Ask4Recovery & SPARKITE are communities that are growing by the day. They are dreams of mine and I trust in them, like I trust and believe in each of you.

Today’s Affirmations

I trust that the best is yet to come.

I choose to lead with my heart.

I will not give up on my dreams.

Sending love,


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