Ask4Recovery – 3/2/14 – Tapping into our Purpose

Hello friends!

I was put here for a purpose. Where exactly that purpose will take me continues to unfold. I know my purpose is to do what makes me feel good, inspired, happy, and alive. That is being loving, compassionate, selfless, and helpful. The people, places, and things that have been put in my life and that will continue to be put in my life are allowing for this purpose to manifest in greater intensity. I know that I must take all of this one day, one moment, one SPARK at a time. I have a predisposition to future trip and get caught in my thinking. I have to learn to work with my mind. It is my most powerful tool and also what I must learn to master. So I continue not to give up. I start over. Again and again.  

Today’s Affirmations

I have a destiny to fulfill.

I can choose to create any moment I choose.

I don’t give up. I start over.

 Sending love,


P.S. Make sure to check out SPARKITE ( There are now people SPARKING in 29 states, 17 countries, and 5 continents. The community of empowerment is growing and I would love to have you be a part of it. There is a lot of goodness coming through SPARKITE. You don’t want to miss out on it!

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