Ask4Recovery – 6/12/13 – How do I deal with ‘living life on life’s terms’ in recovery?

Hello friends! Today’s ‘Ask’…

How do I deal with ‘living life on life’s terms’ in recovery?

This has been a hard concept to grasp and I am learning something new about it each day. For 26 years, I lived life on MY terms. My way or the highway. I wanted things done exactly when I wanted them done. I wanted an answer exactly when I wanted an answer. I wanted control. And when things did not go my way, I went into my selfish and self-destructive thinking and engaged in some form of maladaptive behavior to disconnect and numb out. My form of control.

Now that I am no longer active in my addictions and a paradigm shift has happened in the way I perceive people, places, and things, I am beginning to live life on life’s terms. This means accepting things exactly as they are. Not resisting. Not controlling. Acknowledging my mind and my thoughts. Accepting them. Not acting impulsively, which my mind still likes to convince me to do at times. And making a choice to do the best thing I can possibly do in that moment. And most of the time, it goes against what my previous patterns and habits were. But with those previous habits I was living a life of self-destruction, sadness, anger, and disconnection. So my way was obviously not working. I now have a connection to something bigger than myself. A life force that is guiding me and connecting me to my true purpose. My reason for being here. When I was active in my addictions, I was soulless. Spiritually and emotionally bankrupt. And that all happened on ‘Lauren’s terms.’ Today, ‘Life’s terms’ is a whole lot more fun and fulfilling so I am coming back to life, one day at a time!

How do you live life on life’s terms in recovery? What has worked for you? Let us know and join the movement!

Sending love,


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2 thoughts on “Ask4Recovery – 6/12/13 – How do I deal with ‘living life on life’s terms’ in recovery?

  1. I have never lived life on life’s terms. I didn’t know how to live in the now one day at a time. Today, with the help of my higher power, I live on His terms. I do His will. I’m not God today. I don’t worry about the future or even today, what happens is for a reason & I’m powerless over everything. Through prayer, meditation, other recovering addicts, the steps, my higher power, my sponsor, meetings in AA has taught me how to live life on life’s terms & sober!

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